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Fuji Apple Tree (10 gallon potted)

Fuji Apple Tree (10 gallon potted)

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A revolutionary new Fuji apple strain that matures six weeks earlier than a standard Red Fuji. Auvil Early Fuji has been found to produce the highest quality fruit with a tree that shares the same strong growth and structure as other Red Fuji strains.

Available as semi-dwarf trees this season. Compared to standard trees they will grow to be about 60% in size, produce fruit in fewer years and don’t require staking for support. Our varieties are hand selected for the local area to produce the best tasting fruit on vigorous and productive trees.

Our apple trees are potted in 10 gallon root pouch containers (twice as large as most) to allow a much larger root system to provide the best opportunity for a great growth after planting.  Unlike bare root, potted trees can be planted nearly any time of year.  Root pouches provide multiple advantages over traditional plastic growing pots that can be seen here

Select a tree with an open center or modified central leader form depending on your situation and future goals.  Open center trees have 4-6 primary branches with the central leader removed to shape a shorter tree with fruit that is more easily harvested and maintained. Modified central leader trees are pruned to maximize fruit production, shaping a taller tree that is a bit more challenging to harvest, more "deer resistant" and produces more fruit overall. 

Fuji 216 cv.


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