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Enterprise Apple Tree - 10 Gallon Potted

Enterprise Apple Tree - 10 Gallon Potted

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This tremendously disease resistant apple tree (fire blight, scab, rust & powdery mildew) produces crisp medium to large apples that have been described as having a bit of tart and spice and store up to 6 months in the fridge.  Trees are very grower friendly and are a top choice with organic growers.

Tree Details:

Bare root arriving in spring 2024

1/2" or greater caliper, well feathered (branched)

4-5 foot tall, 

Semi-dwarf on EMLA 111 rootstock that produces semi-dwarf (80% size) trees that are very well anchored and can handle heavy, poorly drained soils well. Trees on EMLA 111 are a good choices for the backyard or acreage growers who want a tree that is smaller than standard and provides some valuable shade.

We go the extra mile to set you up for success with multiple pruning options (Open Center, Modified Central Leader or not pruned if you want to DIY).  See our pruning guide for more details.

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