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Premier Honeycrisp Apple Tree - 7 Gallon Potted

Premier Honeycrisp Apple Tree - 7 Gallon Potted

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A legend of the upper Midwest for it's sweet flavor, crisp bite and long storage life. 

Tree Details:

Bare root arriving in spring 2024

1/2" or greater caliper, well feathered (branched)

4-5 foot tall

Good for zone 4 - 7 (See your USDA zone)

Semi-dwarf on the modern rootstock Geneva 890.  It will produce semi-dwarf (60% size) trees that are deeply rooted tree that handles drought well, brings resistance to fireblight and crown rot. Trees on Geneva 890 are a great choice for a grower looking for modern, vigorous trees that produce more apples and carry greater disease resistance than older more traditional rootstocks and is very cold hardy. 

We go the extra mile to set you up for success with multiple pruning options (Open Center, Modified Central Leader or not pruned if you want to DIY).  See our pruning guide for more details.


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