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Montmorency Cherry Tree - 10 Gallon Potted

Montmorency Cherry Tree - 10 Gallon Potted

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Montmorency is the most widely planted cherry in North America for good reason. Trees are hardy, self-pollinating, productive. Cherries are sweet but tart cherries that make excellent pies or can be enjoyed fresh or even dried for those long winter months.

Trees are on Gisela 12 rootstock.  It is premium, semi-dwarf (60% of standard), precocious and resists suckering.  Trees are widely adapted to various soil types, well anchored and have spreading, open branch structure.  All of these characteristics make for and excellent cherry tree for any home or acreage.

Tree Details:

Bare root arriving in spring 2024

1/2" or greater caliper

~4 foot tall

Good for zone 4 - 7 (See your USDA zone)


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