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Satsuma Plum - Bare Root Spring 2024

Satsuma Plum - Bare Root Spring 2024

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Satsuma is a Japanese plum tree that produces medium to large dark reddish purple fruit with beautiful red flesh.  It has been dubbed the "blood plum" for these very characteristics and has been a favorite of of chefs and fruit lovers alike.  It's fruit is juicy but firm and as the tree ages will produce more and more of it for you to enjoy. 

Satsuma is not self-fertile.  Like most plum trees, it will require another plum for pollination (We carry and recommend Vanier to make a great backyard pair).  

Tree Details:

Bare root for spring of 2024 planting

Remaining inventory is 3/8" caliper and 3-4' tall before pruning.


Grows in zone 5 - 9

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