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Vanier Plum - 7 Gallon Potted

Vanier Plum - 7 Gallon Potted

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Vanier plum is a Japanese plum developed in the Vineland breeding program from Ontario, Canada.  It's sweet fruit is bright red on the outside and yellow inside.  Fruit tends to cluster and ripens over a wider window to allow many opportunities for tasty snacks straight from the tree.   Trees are vigorous, precious and very productive.

It is an excellent pollinizer for other plum trees but is not self-fertile.  Like most plum trees, it will require another plum for pollination (We carry and recommend Satsuma to make a great backyard pair).  

Tree Details:

Bare root for spring of 2024 planting

Remaining inventory is 3/8" caliper and 3-4' tall before pruning.

Grows in zone 5 - 8

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